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R&R MediaServ Affairs more

Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Hunedoara
Ulica: Independentei no. 2 Bl. 22A Ap. 60
Telefon: +40 723 317121
Faks: +40 354 815160
Firm Rank: 0
Our company offers intermediation services in the field of transactions concerning the metal processing equipment, public works equipment, industrial machinery and industrial equipment, auto cars, business and immobile intermediation. Also our company can offer business and management assistance. The company policy is based on the quality management of the offered services which is based on the collaboration with our clients with the purpose of reaching our common targets. We will be the ones to[...]

Supraten JSC more

Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Chisinau
Ulica: 84 Petricani
Telefon: +373 22 294972
Faks: +373 22 294972
Firm Rank: 0
My name is Helen. I'm from Moldova. I represent the interests the principal company which specialize in Building & Construction. Our company has store chains which sell 40% China products. We work with China approximately 2 years. We are interested in your products of molding and would ask you to send us your offer for these goods. We would like to buy 2 high cubes of skirting boards. Please send us samples of your goods stating your lowest prices and best terms of payment.[...]

Helpan Baking Machinery SRL more

Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Craiova
Ulica: bd. Decebal 23
Telefon: +40 251 410400
Faks: +40 251 418655
Firm Rank: 0
Producers of ciclothermic ovens, thermoventilated ovens and pizza ovens, our offer of helpan machines(certified by the quality system ISO 9001) is entirely designed for the modernisation of the bakery and pastry production equipment: Industrial continuous bakery lines with tunel oven for 10-30 t/day Complete lines with deck ovens(ciclothermic or with steam tubes) Rotary oven lines, on convection Industrial lines for gluten and sugar biscuits 10-20 t/day Industrial lines for crackers, salatini[...]

SC RCG Solutions SRL more

Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Bucharest
Ulica: 41 Iancului Street
Telefon: +40 21 4570444
Faks: +40 21 4570444
Firm Rank: 0
SC RCG Solutions is a Romanian mold manufacturer founded in 2001. Part design and development, mold design, plastic and rubber injection mold manufacturing, die casting, extrusion, rubber transfer and compression, CNC programming and CNC machining are the mainstream activities at RCG Solutions. The highly qualified personnel, the state-of-the-art technology and the advanced technical documentation allow us to provide our clients with high quality moulds for low production costs and strictly respecting[...]

Netacces International SRL more

Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Bistrita
Ulica: T.Vladimirescu 20
Telefon: +40 363 102554
Faks: +1 5303 263653
Firm Rank: 0
We sell food and beverages as: Dairy products(butter, milk powder, chese, etc), honey and bee derivates, jams and jelly, etc and romanian industrial products: Water drilling installations, glass, wood, industrial metal working machines and we offer our cooperation and to be your bussines agent in Romania(for investments or trading).[...]


Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Viforata, Aninoasa, Dambovita
Ulica: Merilor 10
Telefon: +40 244 312109
Firm Rank: 0
Our company is specialized in architecture and land surveying. We also export slag steel aggregates for construction. In our dump store, we allways keep a minimum quantity of 100,000 cubic meters of material, but we can provide, more or less at any time, superior quantities. Since 2005, we started to import goods, mainly from the Asian region. We import and sell on the local market: ATV's, jet skis, snow mobiles, motorcycles, AC generators wind propelled with powers from 0.8 to 20 KW/h and[...]


Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Oradea
Ulica: Str. Uzinelor, NR. 10
Telefon: +4 0259 267732
Faks: +4 0259 470032
Firm Rank: 0
We proudly present our company, offering you answers, and helping you to husband money and time looking about for… Our company was founded in 1949 to produce small hand-made goods. Since 1965 S.C. METALICA S.A. design and produces a wide variety of complex punchers, stamps, dies and moulds, custom and standard types, mass or unique, to meet virtually all types needs. In 1972 we produced the first gas cooker: Freestanding gas cooker with high oven. The assortment of white goods - freestanding[...]


Kraj: Rumunia
Region: Rumunia
Miasto: Bals
Ulica: Nicolae Balcescu
Telefon: +40 249 450007
Faks: +40 249 450294
Firm Rank: 0
SC INSTIRIG SA, produces and delivers a various kind of cast iron products like : garden chairs and tables, pilars, stairs, fences, covers for light and heavy traffic, stove doors, benches. We are also producers since 1961 of agricultural machinery like, ploughs, harrow disks, manure spreading machinery, cultivators with or without fertilising device, mills, mils for cereals, irrigation instalation with manual handle with pipes from aluminium or PVC . We produce also : refractory bricks, refractory[...]

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