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Kraj: Tajwan

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[Tajwan]Beef Ball Forming Machine

Meat Ball / Beef Ball forming machine provides two options for coice: Stainless steel type and ordinary. Floor standing design. Sanitation Approved. Features: 1.Available for Blending and smashing various kinds of meat. 2.Easily and quickly forming beautiful meat balls. Specifications: TC-206: 1HP, Capacity 50~200 pcs/min, Packing Size: 106 x 79 x 191cm, K.W / G.W: 200 / 250 (kg), Inverter Speed Change TC-206A 1HP, Capacity100~250 pcs/min. Packing Size: 106 x 79 x 191cm, K.W / G.W:[...]


[Tajwan]Fish meat bone seperator

Fish Meat & Bone Separator is a durable equipment with its high quality, good appearance and easy operation, it is also called bone Separator, which ealily separtes raw fish or meat from bones in order to save manpower. Model HP Capacity/Hr Packing Size (L x W x H) K.W / G.W (kg) Use Material TC-600 3 300 Kgs 121 x 109 x 143cm 500 / 560 Stainless steel, Cast-Iron TC-6100 10 1,000 Kgs 151 x 139 x 170cm 800 / 880 Stainless steel, Cast-Iron 1. Durable. 2. Precise yield adjustment. 3. Convenient[...]


[Tajwan]Forced Mincer (Grinder)

The Forced Mincer (Grinder) is suitable for grinding various fish, meat, vegetables and beans. Floor standing design. Sanitation Approved. Two types of high speed meat mincer for choice--1.Stainless steel type 2.Cast-iron type, both of them feature durability and easy operation, Ideal for grinding vegetables, nuts, beans, meat and making sausages and pasta. Application: Restaurants, Outfitters, Butcher Shops, Meat Markets, Higher Volume Meat Markets and Industrial Users Specification: Model[...]


[Tajwan]Fish meat Smasher

The Hydraulic Auto Tilting Smasher is suitable for fish ball, pork, beef, chicken, chemical material..etc.. Floor standing design. Sanitation Approved. The smasher has various kinds of model, and some are with two options available - stainless steel type and ordinary type. Higher Volume processors, markets, butchers, and commercial users will find the TC-2150 AN smasher from Chiang Iron to be the perfect solution for their needs. High efficiency, economic, innovative! Application: For fish ball,[...]


[Tajwan]Hydraulic Auto Tilting Blender

Hydraulic auto tilting blender is suitable for making fish ball, meat ball, beef ball, chicken ball...etc. Floor standing design. Sanitation Approved. With its powerful motor, efficient and quiet transmission. Two options available - stainless steel type and ordinary type. The TC-4150AN Hydraulic Auto Tilting Blender from Chiang Iron is the perfect choice for butchers, markets, and commercial users who require to process higher volumes quickly. Features: Automatic, high speed mixing, heavy duty,[...]


[Tajwan]485 Tri-Compact Cart

- Unique glider outlook. - Flexible hanlde for more comfortable grip and easy to maneuver in a flick of hand. - The slip-free handle which also doubles as lock when not in use and triples as carry handle when folded. - Uses push button locking system. - One-of-a-kind triangular platform w/embedded steel side-extensions to provide solid support to all kinds of load. - Stretchable three-point strap secures the ocntents of your cart in place and prevents shifting while you'r on the go. - Compact[...]


[Tajwan]Servo Energy Saving System

Special features of SCY Servo Energy Saving system injection molding machine : 1. Smart Power Saving on 2 major stages 2. Fast response and high accuracy : Super fast system response speed 3. Constant torque and ultra power output 4. Low system temperature 5. Green conception and Eco-friendly design For more details, please contact SCY.[...]


[Tajwan]Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine

Special features of SCY Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine : 1, Central direct clamping mechanism combined with double injection cylinders system presents accurate clamping pressure and quick mold close. 2. Long mold opening stroke and less restriction on mold thickness make it flexible for mold applications. 3. Clamping force distributes evenly to the mold and the platen, minimizes stress and wear on machine. For more details, please contact SCY anytime.[...]


[Tajwan]PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

Special features of SCY PET preform injection molding machine : 1. Specialize in processing PET material. 2. Capable to supply complete system integration, including PET preform injection machines, PET preform mold with hot runner and temperature control, ancillary equipments from material drying and feeding to preform cooling and automation. For more details and doubts, please contact SCY.[...]


[Tajwan]PVC rigid injection molding machine

Special features of SCY PVC Rigid Injection mMolding Machine. 1. Specialize in processing rigid PVC material. 2. Equipped with bimetallic screw and fan to enhance screwing efficiency and avoid material overheated. 3. Upgraded motor torque serves a wide range of PVC application. For more details, please contact SCY.[...]


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