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[Białoruś]pellet equipment



[Białoruś]Equipment for the electrochemical polishing from Belarus

Method of electrolyte - plasma polishing ( also known as method of electrolyte – impulse or electrolyte - discharge polishing) is based on the phenomena of combined plasma and electrochemical process in the steam-gas thin-gap(jacket) between immersed electrode and electrolyte under influence of high voltage. As result of this treatment will be removed few microns of superficial metal and surface obtain mirror shine. As well as disappear directional anisotropy which acquire[...]


[Białoruś]Vacuum equipment for metallization and the equipment for processing optical details from Belarus

1. The equipment for all kinds of processing of optical details (a lens, a prisms, optical mirrors), details from quartz, ceramics. 2. The vacuum equipment for metallization: 2.1 multipurpose thin-film coatings on optical details; 2.2 the coverings raising durability of details and the tools; 2.3 decorative in a wide range of color scale on metal and plastic products; 2.4 mirror covering on glass; 2.5 the coverings durability of details and the tool on polymer films and paper.[...]


[Białoruś]Spare parts for Belarus tractor

1 70-1101345 fuel pipeline 2 70-1104180 fuel pipeline 3 70-1601053 bush 4 1520-1601085 disk 5 85-1601085 disk 6 70-1601090 A disk 7 80-1601090/ A disk 8 245-1601090 disk 9 85-1601090-V disk 10 85-1601090-B disk 11 1520-1601092 disk 12 85-1601092 disk 13 70-1601093 disk 14 80-1601093 disk 15 85-1601093-B disk 16 70-1601094 lever 17 85-1601094 lever 18 85-1601095 lever : 85-1601094 lever, 85-1601096 pin, 85-1601097 fork, 85-1601108[...]


[Białoruś]Młyny do rozdrabniania drewna

Młyny do rozdrabniania drewna używanego do mielenia odpadów drewnianych wiórów paliwa i technologii http://grandenergo.deal.by/ kozans@rambler.ru[...]


[Białoruś]Telescopic excavator mounted on crawler undercarriage

EC-22-K2 – HYDRA (Telescopic excavator mounted on crawler undercarriage) Telescopic excavator mounted on crawler undercarriage.[...]


[Białoruś]Telescopic excavator Antey

ANTEY EW 25 M1 (mounted on MAZ undercarriage 6õ6, 6õ4) On ANTEY excavators on MAZ chassis TMM (Technological mode of movement) can be established - traficability of an excavator with a speed of 1,5 km/h at the idle engine of the chassis and management of this moving from a cabin of operator. The base complete set includes: the basic bucket - 0,63 m. c., all hydrocylinders are produced by " Hydronika Dee " (Slovakia) hydropackers - pipes and clamping rings are produced[...]


[Białoruś]bębna suszarki

bębna suszarki z 500 kg na godzinę. http://grandenergo.deal.by/[...]


[Białoruś]Tractors Belarus-320

RUE Bobruisk plant of tractor parts and units offers the following models of tractor Belarus-320 and its basic modifications under the special prices for dealers of PA Minsk tractor work: • Belarus-320 • Belarus-320MK • Belarus-320MUP • Belarus-320LO4 The term of delivery: FCA Bobruisk Belarus (Incoterms-2000). Our plant also has a possibility to deliver Belarus-321, Belarus-320R under the special order. Please consider the offer and inform about the result.[...]


[Białoruś]Automobile diesel engines

The Open Joint Stock Company “Minsk Motor Plant” is the largest manufacturer of 4 and 6-cylinder diesel engines within the power range of 60-420 hp with annual production volume of 120 000 units. Our traditional sales markets are Germany, Cuba, Egypt, Hungary, Poland, Pakistan, Vietnam, Russia, the Ukraine and over 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and both Americas. The wide range of power characteristics of the engines manufactured by the Minsk Motor Plant, their reliability[...]


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